Friday, April 30, 2010

Thankfully Letting Go

It's 3:25 PM and I realize that I have just enough time to thank the part that I'm letting go of in 30 minutes.

To My Male Working Facade
I am letting you go.
You have been a valuable asset,
Bringing many things into my life
That I otherwise would not have had.
I know it has been tough.
You have been a consistent defense
Against bullies
And poverty.
You never complained
No matter how tough things got.
But you're tired,
And I'm a big girl now.
I know I can take care of myself
Because you gave me the cool shadow
To grow
Under your outstretched wings
When I was so weak
And afraid.
You taught me strength
And I will take it with me.
I send you off with my gratitude
For all you have done.
Retire in Peace,
I will take the fight from here.
Your Protected Daughter,

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