Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is Poetry

After work, I drove one of my coworker friends who knows about me to pick up his car from the shop. Along the way, I was talking about checking out a certain make of car whose dealership is just down the street from my place because I need something that gets better gas mileage. He volunteered to come with me to check it out. He didn't mind waiting for me to change into my button-up blouse and jeans, fixing my face in the process. He still remained quite the gentleman as I test drove one of the models. The transition to female didn't phase him at all. I am feeling more confident about my transition as a result.

I was inspired to write the following poem after being a silent observer at open mic night at Sub Rosa last night. Divinity Rose offered to put me on next if I would only stay a little longer. I hadn't sign up, because I was afraid that people would eventually get tired of transgender poetry if I took the mic every week. I promised her I would bring something next week.

Life is Poetry

As I stand at home
In the evening before I undress,
My hands gently cupping my breasts,
I feel strangely fulfilled.

The peaceful calm
Is different from
My feelings of jealousy,
What if.

What if I had not grown these?
Had not questioned?
Had not felt a strange desire
To just try?

I would never know
The serene blissful calm
That something so sensual
Can be so spiritual.

Life is poetry
In meter, rhythm and rhyme.
Sensuous longing,
The ebb and flow of time.

A beat with a heart,
A dance with a spark,
The flames of the universe,
Of which we are a part.

A song,
An echo of the past,
A connection
That we hope Will ever last.

A picture perfect painting

With abstract hue,
A perfect reflection
Of me and you.