Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Living in a Park

During the four years that she has lived here, the house has attracted more life than one would expect in this seemingly empty landscape. Hornets come from an unknown source and swirl around the bathroom, even though Lynn persistently puts them outside after they collapse on the windowsill, disoriented, she suggests, by the intoxicating energy in the house. Mice scurry around the kitchen until they, too, become suddenly stilled by whatever it is that brings the wasps to rest. Then Lynn wraps the swaying little creatures in a napkin, and places them outside where the air is a bit less inebriating. In this evening, strange noises float through the darkness as parts of the building seem to moan and sway under a great pressure. And an intermittent stream of people come and go from nearby Los Angeles and as far away as the East Coast to sit in meditation with Lynn, sleeping outside the little house on handmade wooden structures, skeletal and exotic, set up amidst the sand and sage of the property.

-- Hilary Hart, "The House in the Desert," "The Unknown She", The Unknown She

On the way home, I noticed it's like I live in a park. As I was pulling around the circle, I saw a squirrel skipping, about to cross the road in front of me, and when I willed it to stop, it did. As I drove by and looked in the rearview mirror, it held it's place until right after I thought, It's okay. You can cross now. And cautiously at first, it crossed.

Watching the birds flit across the road, I noticed a couple of ducks by the park bench. I stopped the car, and stepped out to take a photo. Getting back in my car and driving the remaining distance, I admired the robins and the 50-foot trees that nestled my apartment.

Two days after my supervisor was given the heads up from Human Resources regarding my transition, I saw him in the hallway. As we exchanged "Good Morning's," he directed his grin at our feet. Later in the afternoon, he made sure to introduce me to his boss. It was so hard during the introductions to not introduce myself as Sophie.

During lunch, I finally was able to get through to my point of contact at the client company, update her on my status and voice my concerns. After 45 minutes, and getting a feel for how different I will be on T-day, she asked me to send her the email addresses of my contract company's HR to send the guidelines and templates that she has available.

After I sent an introductory email, I called my Hiring Manager for an update. She said they were waiting for an email from corporate HR on how to proceed, and then would have a conference with the HR staff, my supervisor and herself on what to do. Then they would let me know the plan.

At this point, I am amazed that I am not feeling any anxiety. In fact, I am feeling happy.

Hugs and God Bless,

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  1. Great news.

    Its amazing how you are noticing beauty everywhere you look.