Saturday, April 17, 2010

Audience Demand

I ask if she feels that this new trend is really driven mostly by audience demand.
- Hilary Hart, The Unknown She

As I sit here writing this blog, I am listening to the wind over the microphones as commentators discuss today's airshow of Louisville. And as I typed the last note, the thunder of an F-16 was clearly heard over the radio.

Of course, I can't see this barricaded in my apartment, and as Thunder over Louisville gets started, I have been told that the parking is going to be horrendous downtown, with roads closed off and parking at 50 dollars. Supposedly, a huge crowd turns out for the opening events for Derby, and maybe I'll step outside to see if I can see the aircraft (I need to brush my hair first), and then maybe I'll make out a firework or two after 8 PM when the largest US fireworks display kicks off.

The tourist attraction for this event is so large that it forces the cancellation of regular meetings, and people put in long hours in support of the massive audience. Tonight's support group meeting, for instance, has been postponed until next week at my local hangout. They're planning to do a session on FtM's (Female to Male transsexuals), but by holding it at the very bar where my friend had his latest slide into alcoholic depression, they're making it impossible for him to attend.

Tomorrow, I'll be greeting all the people coming in through our main door for church. I really enjoy doing this. Soon, I'll have to start soliciting volunteers for next year. And then I'll need to put together some material for my poetry readings on Monday night. I have a couple of new pieces, I'll need to repeat some of my material for a bridge and then select something from my book.

I'm thinking, as Divinity seemed to point out, they want more, and I want people to understand. This ought to work out nicely.


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