Monday, April 19, 2010

Bouncing and Shaking (T Minus 1 Week (+-) Til RLT)

I spent almost 200 dollars on new tires yesterday--Bridgestones. Much more than that and they would have totaled the car according to the offer I got from Kia. But the bouncing and shaking is gone. Turns out that one of the three tires I replaced was down to the steel belt--that would do it.

The other two were flat Saturday morning, when my neighbor rang my bell about 10 AM to tell me. I looked out the door to see my Camry listing hard to starboard (the passenger side). Yup, they were flat, not low, but definitely flat like partial melted ice cream on the pavement. This car has been hard on tires since we bought it, and I can't wait to trade it's 145,000 mile, 12 year life in for a replacement. But I have to wait for that. I'll come back to that topic in a bit.

I decided that since I wasn't going anywhere, I'd just stop by the gas station a little early in the morning and air them up and come back to Pep Boy after church to replace them. 3 dollars worth of quarters later, with dried grease on my chilled hands, I finally had enough air to at least make it to church.

After church, I walked out to my car and noticed the rear tire was holding what I had put in so far, but my front tire was a melted ice cream cone again. I got directions to the nearest tire shop--Firestone--from Debbie inside, and as I got ready to limp the car the few blocks to the shop, a couple of gentlemen offered to change the tire for me.

This required shuffling a number of items from the trunk to the back seat and I had to help them help me with a couple of the intricacies, like where to put the jack. The tire didn't come off. One of the studs was so badly corroded to the hub that it snapped while leaving the tire firmly attached.

Meanwhile, a woman came up claiming she was a rape victim, and from the blood in her eye and what looked like two black eyes (I couldn't see indication that it was only makeup), I gave her the three remaining dollars in my wallet after asking if she had been to the Women's Center yet. She may have been faking it or taking it back to the man who beat her, but I didn't have enough evidence to make a judgement call like that, so I gave her the money.

After the gentlemen had given up on the tire, they reattached the lug nuts that weren't broken, put all the tire tools neatly away, and then asked if I had a couple of dollars to spare. I profusely apologized about having given it to the woman, and sincerely promised them when I see them again...

They just waved it off.

It took me about 15 minutes to get my car to the Firestone store, and once I set up service, I walked back to the church just a little late for the Interweave meeting in progress, after which Rodney gave me a ride back to Firestone.

I need to replace the car, but I can't yet, because I would wind up having to get a pass from the main gate every morning. To avoid that, I'll need a sticker, which requires insurance, registration and my defense access card. The latter which happens to be in my male name until I start RLT.

There is one week left on my contract. The ideal time to transition is, I believe, at the renewal of a contract or right after a positive performance review. I am still waiting from my hiring manager to find out whether they are going to convert or simply extend my contract, because it changes the communications. Human Resources at the client company has said they're ready to release my name change when I'm comfortable.

So I know what I'm going to get myself for my RLT--a Toyota Prius, hopefully at 0% for 60 months.

After I went to WalMart and was unpacking and transferring things back to the trunk, I found my missing things. The precious things included my clearance-priced sterling silver feather earrings I haven't worn yet (the ones I had to earn the right to wear), and my copy of The Desiderata of Happiness. Somehow, I believe my spirit guide was behind the strange, but interesting and yet expensive, Sunday.

My kids are planning to come up for my birthday in July. I am soooo excited. I can't wait to see them. And since Frontier Airlines is back in Louisville, the plane fare should be significantly lower.

Tonight, I'm reading my new work at Sub Rosa, and I found my earrings just in time. I'm debating whether or not to also where my blue scarf with the black stars tied gypsy style for effect as well. I only have one copy of my book to bring. I need to order four more, so I can sell them on the spot.

Update: 12:08 PM

My hiring manager just called. After checking the budget, my contract has been extended to September 30th. They are also seeing if they can can give me a dollar or two more per hour. Her point of contact within HR is planning to do the transition with only an announcement, i.e. no personal letter, as they believe this will minimize disruption. She is going to see if we can set up a meeting on Thursday. Since I want to transition over the weekend, this could mean I will be full-time as early as Monday, the week after next (May 3rd). That just also happens to be the 11 year anniversary of when my father passed away. Meanwhile, I need to contact the diversity manager within the client company to touch base and get advice.

Once I get the date set, I will plan my Friday pre-meet, and notify friends by word of mouth.

Update 5:19 PM

I just got off the phone with my Hiring Manager about scheduling the talk for Thursday, and found out that my announcement went today already. The HR on-site contact informed my supervisor already and she met or is meeting with him to discuss the transition. I was hoping to meet with her first before she did that. The arrow is in flight before I could aim it. I hope it doesn't come back and strike me.

Hugs and God Bless,


  1. Congratulations Sophie.
    I am so pleased for you.
    I just know you are going to be just fine.

  2. Sounds like it's pretty much going to plan. Good luck, and as Lisa said I'm so pleased for you.

    Except for the tyres. There I'm plain jealous! The last tyres I put on my car cost me 250 euros *per tyre*!


  3. Congratulations and good luck to you Sophie! I am sure that all will go well for you.