Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday was a long day. There was a team meeting at the church for the Chalice Night Team that started at 5 PM. Thinking it would only last until 6, it actually stretched on until 7 PM.

My next stop was to drive to the nearest Walmart and pick up some kind of chewy dog treat. One of the pups I was watching would have to submit to the leash in order to chew on the treat. After the chase outside and around the apatment, there was no way I was going to let her out without a line connected to myself.

After I left Walmart, I stopped by my place to pick up a couple of things for my next two outfits, and during the drive, I got a phone call from Texas asking me to order cheesesticks to be delivered. If that chaos wasn't enough, by the time I finished the hour and a half drive to my coworker's apartment to take care of the dogs, I discovered I had lost her keys. So at 9 PM, tears in my eyes from the absolute chaos of things, I drove back to my place to hunt for the missing keys. No such luck.

I called Harold, who had dropped my friend off at the airport, praying he had her other set of keys. He did. So I drove across the border into Indiana to pick them up. What a sweet man!

So by about 11:30 PM, I had finally unlocked the door to my friend's apartment to take her puppies for a walk. The younger one, the one who took off on me yesterday figured out what I was up to fairly easily when I held the 20 foot leash in my left hand and the chicken jerky in the right. She hesitated, holding back, until the older dog just came and took it.

I got another piece, let her have it, and when she started to chew, I snapped the leash to her harness, and we went for a walk, anywhere she wanted to go, with a few exceptions. And in the morning, her resistance to the leash was also fairly weak.

There's a metaphor or two in here, and it or they have something to do with transitioning. See if you can find it.

Hugs and God Bless,

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  1. Ah, dogs, escape and name changes. We are having some work done on our house and the workers keep leaving the side gate open and of course our 2 dogs take full advantage to have a nice run thru the neighborhood, it is very hot so they don't stay gone too long and come back for water.

    I hate it when I loose things that I need, it really sets me of edge.