Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Key

I went dreamwalking last night, or more appropriately this morning, just prior to my alarm going off at 6.

I was at some kind of crowded banquet with my Aunt, and I noticed how she had grown taller than me, like my neice. When I commented, "You've grown!" she replied, "Yes, I have," and a smile lit up her face.

At that moment, I noticed what I was wearing wouldn't do. I had on a dress combination with something else, and needed something more appropriate. I told my Aunt I needed to change. She said, "Me, too," and we headed for the restroom. She went in, and I couldn't. She suggested I try a particular shop.

I found myself standing in front of a clerk at a register who offered to help me with my outfit. When she started putting the pieces together, I saw that it was a green cap and gown for graduation. When I told her that was not right, she said she knew just the thing, and she handed me what looked like a car remote and told me to go get what that unlocked on the B-level.

I found myself standing outside in a multilayer parking area with the key in my hand. To my right was a small shack that I assumed was used by the staff who managed the parking area. I didn't see any cars, until I looked at my feet and saw chains with padlocks protruding from the ice on which I was standing, locking cars under the frozen layer.

I proceeded up the ramp and saw a sign that read A-level, so I headed back down to the B-level. As I walked toward the abandoned hut, someone called on the key. When I answered, I heard, "Are you going through complete sex reassignment? Grab your thumb and pull it. Relax. We will take care of everything for you including the bush area."

Then the alarm went off. And I was left pondering what all that meant.

I've tried it this morning. gripping the left thumb and pulling does induce calm. I'll have to try it later when I'm feeling really anxious.

I have a lot to interpret from this dream, but I have figured some out already. My aunt and neice have grown spiritually recently. I need to commend them on their growth. The key to my transition is to relax; to that end, I was given a simple technique to help. As for the rest, I still don't know, other than, what you need and what the key unlocks is not what you think.

Hugs and God Bless,


  1. I dont often dream, but did have a dream while away last week.
    I woke up and remembered it but as it was the middle of the night, I thought I would share it with my wife when I woke up.
    I then forgot most of it.
    But I did die in it.
    I wonder if I am getting ready for saying goodye at any pretence of a male me?
    It is causing me more and more stress to caryy on trying to slow this transition down.
    Literally doing my head in.

  2. That is a fair assessment. Many shamanic religions believe that transition is a process where the old self must die or be torn apart to make room for the spiritual self.

    I had a weird dream, where I climbed up to a platform and got into a box. Then suddenly, I was back on the ladder and had to push a lever that controlled a saw that ripped my box body into pieces, forgetting that it was myself in the box, and not very happy that I had to do it.

    I suppose the message, as I take it now, is that it was (or is) my duty to shred my old self spiritually.

    Whatever, it was a disturbing dream, and I was really disturbed at how calmly I was committing horrific murder.

    Left me thinking.

  3. I remember a few weeks ago I woke up from a dream and remember looking down at myself lying in bed as a woman.
    The strange thing was I could see from above that I was about 50% bold. However up until that point I had looked in the mirror completely unaware of this. I thought I passed well.
    I havent worked this one out yet but assume it is because of my insecurities over passing.

  4. Wow, what a dream and how much symbolism was in it.

    I have had many TG dreams but often forget them just as I'm waking up. Those that I have remembered, I've tried to document.

    Thanks for sharing. I love your writing.

    Calie xxx