Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laser Treatment #3

I got to the meeting room door as Cortez started to speak.
--Kelly Armstrong, Dime Store Magic

I had my 3rd laser tech in 3 treatments on Tuesday. Judy affirmed that she was going to be my personal tech from here on. She used to own her own business and merged hers with the one I was seeing. With a latex gloved hand, she stroked my face, and told me that my 24-hour growth was ideal for her to work with. The pain wasn't as bad as before, except for the jawline and the lipline. That may have had something to do with the 650 mg of Tylenol I took on the way. When I suggested that I ought to start to go 24 hours before shaving, she chided me, saying that I needed to wait 7 to 10 days for treated hairs to fall out, because shaving stimulates new growth. I gave her this incredulous look. I'll cover the beard with makeup while I can, I told her, but I have a life. Afterwards, we chatted with her friend Saphie, who was joining her for a pedicure later.

Wednesday was Chalice Night at the church, a time for education in various religious practices. I tried to cover the beard with makeup, but it wasn't working, so ignoring my laser tech's advice, I shaved it off.

I usually go to practice meditation, but I noticed a woman sitting alone behind the greeting table and started to get to know Peggy a little. She volunteered to help me greet people for my minister's ceremony in April. She went to get food, and I didn't think she should eat alone, so I picked up my plate and sat with her. Eventually, she got around to asking questions about being transgender, starting with, "Would it have been easier for you if you were shorter? You must be what? 6 2?" I calmly informed her I was when I started high school and am now only 5' 10", and we chatted on. I had to wash my own dishes, of course, since I was too busy talking to eat. I also wound up missing meditation for the chat :)

I next shaved Thursday evening for dance classes. We had a new instructor for the Lindy Hop who is supposed to be our regular, and he started over again from scratch. As we were doing the basic move, I knew I was doing something right, because as he led, everything felt just right. Of course, when he added the inside turn, half the time I tried to turn the wrong direction, a little confusing when your also trying to step while turning. Some more practice, and I'm sure I'll get it.

From Thursday evening until this morning, I didn't shave. I bummed it on Saturday and stayed home, straightening up. Slept a lot, and tried to read Zami, by Audre Lorde. That book is so moving, it was hard to get past page 80. A true story, I keep crying as I read it. It was also getting hard to look in the mirror at the salt and pepper patchy beard. It is so hard to see the woman under that.

Finally, this morning, I shaved that mess off and put on my makeup for Adult Round Table, Service and the Interweave meeting after church. I like that look so much better. I felt myself again.

Well, I see it's 9 AM and time to head off.

Hugs and God Bless,

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  1. Its great when you notice the difference from the laser.
    It does take time but its well worth it.
    Glad you are enjoying the dancing.