Friday, March 5, 2010

Becoming Real

"Of course not. Coven witches would never do such a thing..."
-- Kelley Armstrong, Dime Store Magic

a week this has been! On Monday, I filed my name change with social security and stopped by the bank to change my name on the account. The clerk at the SSA office said she would change my gender if she had a court order like my name change. So I'm going to ask around what the easiest way is to get the judge to grant a gender marker change. I got my checking account changed and ordered permanent checks with the new name on them. But it seems I have to wait for a name change packet to change it on the credit card.

Tuesday, I tried to stop by the court house to get my driver's license updated, but I arrived 12 minutes too late because I though they closed at 4:30 instead of 4. There's an office open this weekend. I plan to be there at 8 AM when they open.

Wednesday, I had a planning session with Jasmine and my minister for my name change and gender affirmation. We changed the date to Easter Sunday as part of the morning service. It's structured around The Velveteen Rabbit, one of my oldest daughter's favorite stories. I agreed to "hop on" stage and be the Velveteen Rabbit.

Thursday, I went to the free Swing Lessons and learned some of the basic moves of the Lindy Hop. It's a little easier than it looks but really dizzying.

Today, I accidentally to my old progestin and tried to correct by taking the new one. It was too much. At work, I was feeling a bit of tunnel vision and really sleepy in the morning. I thought for sure I was going to have to call it an early day.

Tomorrow, after I get my license, I have my 5-week counseling appointment after lunch. So much has happened since my last. In the evening, I am driving to Lexington for my first meeting with TransKentucky. They are having pot luck this month, and I signed up to bring deviled eggs for 20 people.

Finally, Tuesday I go in for Laser treatment #3 after work. I can actually shave in the morning and apply light Dermablend in the afternoon without shaving again first. I can barely see the stubble near my chin before I cover it up. This means my razors are also starting to last longer.

Wow! What a week!

Hugs and God Bless,


  1. What an amazing few days!
    I am so happy to see you embrassing life and living it!
    Its also great to see you here.

  2. Found you again! Watching your transformation from so far away is gonna be interesting too. But I still miss you.

  3. I just stumbled across this blog, and said, "Hey, I've seen her!" Sorry we didn't get to talk at the TransKentucky meeting. So many people, so little time.

  4. Hi Leslie, when I saw you following, I thought that's where I saw you, then in your blog you mentioned saying goodbye to Samantha. I came back to this post as was pleasantly surprised to see your comment.

    Hope to see you next month :)