Sunday, July 25, 2010


The FBI are so heavily backlogged, eight months pass before they begin checking Sam's background.
-- John Hamamura, Color of the Sea

I'm trying to decide which images to have professionally retouched to be used as professional headshots, and the problem is that every time I go through the list, I find one I like better. The image at my right, for instance, is image number 29 of 50, and before I was thinking numbers 1 and 47 were the best ones to use, so much so that I used them as profile pics.

And then there's image number 38 to the left, that the photographer captured while I momentarily looked toward the ceiling before looking in the lens. That image just catches my spirit in an almost indescribable way.

And looking at the images, I have to say that I am really pleased with the direction my hair has taken in the last couple of months. It took me just over one year to get here from my last cut-back to just above the ears.

You're welcome to view all 50 of them if you'd like. It looks like I could really use some input making this decision. They are available at the photographer's site and I also reposted them at Facebook, so people could help me out with a little feedback, letting me know which images they liked.

This need for headshots goes back to the fourth Saturday of last month, when I was manning the booth at the Lexington Pride Festival for TransKentucky, a transgender support group that meets in Lexington once a month. The lighting manager for a very large entertainment complex featuring male to female entertainers stopped by and introduced himself. When I mentioned that he would be the person to talk to if I needed to make a little money on the side, he told me, "They always need entertainers," and proceeded to give me an email address to apply through.

Well, somehow I lost that email adress by the time I gave the opportunity serious thought two weeks later. I went to the complex's web page and found an email address for models. In my email, I told my story, including the talk with the lighting manager, and a few days later, on July 6, I received a reply in my inbox, which I hesitantly opened, bracing myself for rejection and I read:

Dear Sophie,
  Thank You for your letter, but to be honest... Just a Letter isnt going to get you work here. I need a Headshot as well.
Please send, and then I will look into a POSSIBLE booking for you…

The response was somewhat positive, but what seems to be proposed is a little scary. I was hoping to be just one of the chorus entertainers, and his reply seemed to imply a more prominent role? And why did he capitalize "possible?" Does that mean it's more or less possible.

So I got in touch with a photographer whose work I liked and contacted him about doing the work. He only does headshots on the weekend, and since his immediate Saturday was booked, and my next one was reserved for the kids,we wound up doing it yesterday.

He asked me when we met if the entertainment complex had referred him, since he had done recent work for them. I counted myself lucky as I told him that no, I had found his work on the internet. Because he had done work for the complex which was holding out the "possible booking," he would be able to help me with just the right poses.

So we spent the next hour with him directing me through various poses, turning one way and another, lifting my chin, trying on different smiles and different wardrobes. Just the experience modeling was worth doing the photos. It was actually fun.

I need to let him know by Wednesday at the latest which two photos I would like touched up since he'll be out of town after that. So back to choices, choices...

After the photoshoot, I changed into something more appropriate than the cocktail dress I was wearing for Families in Transition (a mandatory divorce education class). After I slipped into my jeans and creamy brown half-sleeve top with the white print across the bust, I tied my hair up in a tight pony tail. For the first time, my bangs were long enough to be completely included.

At Families in Transition, I somehow got tapped to be the spokesperson for our group. They do cover some really valuable things in there. At least the class is half over and when I attend this Saturday, I'll be done.

If you get a chance, check out my photos and let me know which ones you like.

Hugs and God Bless,



  1. Great Pictures, I vote for #16, #37 and possibly #47 for your headshot

  2. I'd go with 16 too, but for a more general profile / cv I'd certainly consider 15.

  3. Thank you both for your input :) The overwhelming favorite seems to be #47, which I'll submit for the opportunity. The next highest choice which displayed a friendly smile (and not a grin) was #18, so I'll have the photographer touch that one up as well.

    Again, immeasurable thanks to you both.

    - Sophia