Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jeans and Spinal Indentations

Last night and this morning, A friend asked:

Tell me, how do you shop for jeans when you have no clue what the ultimate size of your butt and hips will be in 6 mo to a year?

I've been a size 12-14 (L) forever it seems. While I have developed slightly, the women in my family have pretty much been pretty skinny with slight hips until their 30s or so. My butt was already developed for some unknown reason in high school. Someone told me be in a negative way that I had a girl's butt.  Also I found most of the jeans are a little stretchy, so I just buy what fits and wait until it doesn't or the old jeans wear out.

I just thought of another part of the typical female anatomy that is not included in GRS... if you watch girls at the beach or ice skaters as they dance with bare backs, almost all have indented spines.

I had to run to the mirror to check this myself. I also have a short indentation on my spine as well, and I know my phenotype is XY (the image to the right is not mine, but the one my friend supplied). I had Klinefelter's Syndrome genetic testing done to confirm it. Maybe it's more prevalent in women, but certainly not found only in women.

Yesterday, I had a call from the endocrinologists office and found out two things:

1) I am supposed to only be taking one milliliter (20 mg) at a time. I took 30 mg on Saturday and had what had to be uterine cramps for most of the day;  I also realized yesterday that vial lasted two long; it's supposed to cover about 2 1/2 months, and I'd been on the same vial for over 3 months. Apparently, the needle was drawing air on some of my injections and if I make sure that doesn't happen, the dose ought to be right.

2) My endocrinologist finished the rewrite of my certification letter that states that I have clinically completed transition to female. The nurse read the letter over the phone to me, and it sounds like the template that I emailed her from the US Travel Website. They're also sending it regular post, so I should see it Thursday or Friday. That means I should get it back to the passport office by January 21 and could have my passport in hand with my original documents back by the 28th and, as an added bonus, a generic gender certification letter from the doctor which I might be able to use to get a driver's license with the right gender on it, even before surgery. I'll have to check Utah law.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to belly dancing class. Tonight, I'll learn my first movement. Some of the moves we are supposed to learn are supposed to be frustratingly difficult--if I can just keep from swearing during those moments, I should be okay. I hope the locker rooms have private showers in case I work up a sweat.

Last night, I achieved 5% of this years fitness goal with 36 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes walking the quarter mile back and forth from my apartment to do laundry. I can't go more than 17 minutes on the treadmill before I have to pause and strip down to a jogging or day bra. I celebrated with half a medium pizza--roma tomatoes, Italian sausage and portabello mushrooms. I look skinnier in the mirror, but my weight is still consistently sitting on 190. I wonder where it's going.

And I'm actually getting to talk to both my daughters at other than the traditional times. I called and heard my oldest daughter's voice for the first time in months yesterday, and Saturday morning, I was awakened by a phone call from my youngest so she would have someone to talk to. I am happy.

Hugs and God Bless,

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  1. "Where is the weight going? Do we really have to ask; to the butt, of course, where else. Maybe the top! It takes a good time for your body to adjust to the shifts in body fat distribution.

    My wife will give me a hand mirror and have me look at my backside to notice how my body shape if shifting; look ma, I have a waist!