Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Ingredients

The setup had all the right ingredients. He'd had plenty of practice in Miami, plenty of time to sharpen his instincts.
-- Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Relic

I received the itenerary confirmation for my trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow night. Tonight, I pack. I'll be back in Louisville late Thursday night.

I stopped by on the way home from work to spend some time relaxing with Ryan. It felt good and I got to speak a little with her mother, who doesn't seem at all hostile toward me. I was a little nervous returning home, because it was just after nine pm, the time of the mugging last week. After racing in the house twice, once with the purse, and once for the laundry, I noticed I had a phone call. My neighbor had borrowed a cell phone to let me know she saw two people that fit the description of my attackers patrolling the neighborhood, and said they appeared to live in a nearby apartment.

The job I am interviewing for is for an agile software development environment, all new development, and pays enough for me to make my financial obligations, and it's a permanent position. I was told that they noticed I had a "healthy scientific curiosity" as well.

I have also noticed that there were a couple of visits to my blog from readers in Salt Lake City around the first of the month. Could someone there have scoped me out already and put two-and-two together? I don't usually post my last name or the name of companies on my blog, because it exposes me in a potential harmful way. But there's enough information that has been accidentally posted to lead from my full legal name to here. It's just a matter of following the bread crumbs to find me here.

I have already Google'd for the Unitarian church up that way. They have grown to the point that they have two morning services every Sunday, and they are one of the charter churches that formulated the Welcoming Congregation Statement. My first priority if I get this job is to establish a support safety net for myself. The best place for me to do that is among the women at the church, and within that group, those who have same-sex partners. And I need to connect with the transgender support community there. This will probably take a few months again. But then I'll be ready to handle co-located a relationship in SLC. Meanwhile, I'll be having to maintain our relationship via long distance. I wish I could stay in Louisville, but under the current circumstances, I just can't afford it.

Hugs and God Bless,

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  1. Hate to see you have to move away honey, but I have to wish you good luck with new opportunities. :) We all have to eat and survive, I totally understand.

    It is soooo easy to find any of us on the net. Way more so than most of us realize, despite our safeguards.

    Hope they find your muggers, people like that are simply a distress to society.

    Good luck sister,
    <3 Tina