Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why I Chose Dr. Suporn, The Flight Back and Return to Work

I found Dr. Suporn by doing a Google query for best SRS surgeon. I landed on a forum page where someone claimed he was the best in the world, and there was a lot of concurrence. I found nothing but good reviews. The alternative in my mind was Dr. Marci Bowers, having had the operation herself and having had good reviews from members of Dr. Rita Cotterly's group who had the surgery done by her.

Both surgeons have a web site. And I found out as much as I could about them from what was available. I then emailed Dr. Bowers to find out what she would do if she came across endometrial tissue in the operation. I never received a reply.

What I liked about Dr. Suporn's process is that it was invented with pseudo-hermaphrodites in mind, primarily people who suffered from micro-penis. I really like the concept of an all-in-one procedure, the reported resulting depth and guarantee of retaining sensitivity. I also noticed the attitude toward optimal results evident in recommending that patients do not have scrotal electrolysis done as it reduces the stretchability of what will be the new vaginal wall.

When I emailed Dr. Suporn's clinic to find out what he would do in the event that he found endometrial tissue, I was informed that he would work around it, since he had operated on male presenting intersex people before.

I was very pleased at the response, the fact that the total cost would be less expensive and that I would be visiting Thailand to get it done. My father was stationed in Thailand right after I was born during the early part of the Vietnam conflict and I had married a woman from Laos, who I had planned to take with me. I have always wanted to visit Thailand.

On the flight back to the United States, I had failed to use the airline letter that The Suporn Clinic had given me. When I had scanned it, all I saw was a wheelchair request, and was holding on til I needed it. I was seated in a very cramped seat for 13 hours from China to Los Angeles aboard China Southern Airlines. When I got home and did my first dilation, I had to drop to the smallest dilator because my vagina was badly cramped. It was so bad during the flight that I couldn't even feel the need to pee until it was practically too late. When I opened the letter again, I noticed it also had a request to assign comfortable seating, which I had failed to use.

I started work at the office again last Monday. I was going to return on Wednesday, but I had a network connection problem that I had to go in to remedy. Once everyone had warmly welcomed me back, it felt silly to work remotely for the next day and a half, so I didn't. The first week, I was still bringing my cushion in to work with me because of the swelling; but the swelling is pretty much gone now.

I am six weeks, almost seven weeks, post op. I was able to enjoy a warm salt bath after a month and start swimming again last week. I have been in the apartment pool three times already since Wednesday. I didn't take advantage of it today, because I suspect I am in estrogen overload.

When last year I asked my endocrinologist in Lexington, Kentucky if I should reduce my hormones after surgery, she said it wasn't necessary. I was already on a fairly low dose, and I should have been fine until my August checkup. Before surgery, I would suffer PMS 4 days after my estrogen shot. After surgery, it was more like 11 days, more in line with a natural female cycle. Being a little foolish, I took my third estrogen shot on schedule, right as the PMS was subsiding. It was the point at which I would have had menses. The result was that I went into severe PMS cramping, light-headedness, and increased appetite (nutritional and sexual) through today so far. Seven days of PMS.

I have a referral in to see an endocrinologist locally, but that may take another week to get to scheduling. I have an appointment with an Ob/Gyn set for August 3rd, and my primary care physician, while at first saying she didn't know how to do it, finally ordered an estrogen count I requested done, while saying she can't control or manage it. I need a new primary care physician. The lab results come back in a couple of days.

So, meanwhile, I am going to back off to quad-weekly injections from bi-weekly, until I get direction from the gynecologist or the endocrinologist. Good news is that it will save me money. Bad news is that I have to starve the estrogen out, and that will take a couple of weeks and skipping the next injection on July 9 and waiting until the 23rd.

That's about it.
Hugs and God Bless,

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