Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The valley is beautiful. I'm working from home until next Wednesday (the 22nd) to finish off my 6 week recuperation. It has it's challenges. But at 4, when I knock off, I'm home.
There's still some discomfort when sitting, and I'm hoping by next Wednesday I won't have to drag my cushion around with me. Other than the slight swelling, and having finished all my anti-inflammatories, I am healing quite well.
I am so jealous of the people at the swimming pool. I still have to wait another week before I can immerse myself in one.
I've planted a few chili pepper seeds and some petunias that I picked up at WalMart. I can't resist stepping outside to my east-ward facing front balcony to visit them about every hour or so. I guess I'll miss that opportunity when I start back at the office.
Last night I saw my second movie since I've been back. Maybe I'll splurge and order a pizza delivered today.

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