Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Choreography--Part 2

"I want one," cooed one of the other girls in my class as I tied my red tribal belt on after we had completed our warmup stretches. Immediately, all the other eyes on my side of the classroom turned to see my belt, and I could feel envious eyes. I wanted to tell them, our instructor last week told me to wear it.

"I got it at the South Valley Art Fair," I informed my curious audience.

The teacher gave us a pop quiz on Figure-8's, to discover that she had never taught our class that move; so we spent the next several minutes learning the move, because she intended to put it in our routine. Then we got to work.

The pace at adding new material was frustrating. As I got close to figuring out the transitions, she would add 3 more moves to the sequence. With no note-taking, trying to remember the move sequence and struggling with the transitions, I was rapidly losing confidence in myself; yet determined that I would keep trying anyway.

The list was daunting. In 20 minutes, she added no less than 8 fundamentals to the choreography: Basic Egyptians, Egyptian 2, Choo Choos, Hip Locks, Ribcage rolls, Chest Lift/Drops, Bitch Walks and Figure-8's. I think that's the order and I can't remember if I'm leaving something out. Because of the transition moves, I am going to have to make a little space when I practice this week.

After class, when I told her it was coming awfully fast, she said that she wanted to "put it out there," so we could work on it. Then she asked, "What are you doing Tuesday?"

I paused for a moment. "Coming here."

"After class. You should come to The Depot. The group that does our piece will be there and they have a couple of belly dancers." The group she was referring to is Beats Antique. I received their latest album earlier this week to help practice the choreography.

Then I told her about the charity event I'm emceeing at Jams this weekend and invited her to come.

Other than that, I've been battling secondary bronchitis for almost a week now, and noticed a couple of days ago that my weight has dropped now to 198. I would go into thrillingly more boring detail, but I see I've run out of time for this post.

Hugs and God Bless,
Sophie Jean


  1. Your weight loss must have something to do with the gyrations, maybe. Sounds like you are having a great time with this dancing, and making some girl envious?

    Way to go Girl!!

  2. Hi Kay & Sarah,

    The gyrations were actually adding muscle tone, building up weight.

    The weight loss also has a lot to with my change in diet since I saw the scale hit 208 and the bronchitis I developed which helped me stick to the diet.

    My diet until surgery now looks like this, with lots of warm herbal tea in between:

    - Breakfast: On workdays, a cup of coffee and a strawberry-banana Sobe from 7/11. On other days, sleep through it.

    - Lunch (when I feel the hunger pangs): At work, half a mug of some vegetable soup from a box. This week I'm drinking Creamy Potato Leak. On days off, something similar to dinner below.

    - Dinner (when hungry): Some kind of carbohydrate with vegetable and/or a little protein, depending on appetite. For instance, a weight watcher meal; a couple slices of tomato, green pepper and mushroom pizza; a Panda Bowl or a single bacon deluxe from Wendy's.