Saturday, May 29, 2010

Retrieving My Ghost

I returned to collect my ghost
From the place where bad things happened.

She was left to wander,
Afraid to come out,
Having been torn
From me
When my body was ripped,
My will subjugated,
My esteem shattered.

She was still there,
A shadow of the grief and fear
That pervaded me while I still lived there
Since that fateful move-in day.

Intent on remaining,
I had left her behind
For my own safety
And sanity.

And as I returned,
More self-willed,
More confident,
Calling her to come with me,
I toured the apartment grounds.

Upon making my circuit,
I mounted the stairs to the wall outside,
Touched my fingers to the brick,
I called her off the spiritual couch
Upon which I once sat,

I called her home,
To haunt no more.
I pleaded with her to leave the place of pain.
And walked away.

From my car,
I turned to see
Shadow she
On the balcony.

I called,
Leave with me,
As I turned the key
And drove away.

And then I knew
She was back with me
Leaving the pain
And misery.

Finally healing
My divided heart
Which had been maliciously
Torn apart.


  1. This is a very moving piece Sophie, is it your own composition?

  2. Beautifully done Sophie. Touching and bittersweet.

  3. Thanks. Yes, it is mine. I actually did what is described and felt the inspiration to pen it.