Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year New Goals

I want to amend this year's belly dance goals. Not only do I want to work on form, technique, and flexibility, I want to be confident that starting in January 2014, that I'll be good enough to compete in at least one intermediate-level dance competition and kick butt. And with the help of Michelle, Jamie, and Amina, I see that as a real possibility. Not to mention what I've so far learned from Kelsey, Mecha, Thia, Kitty, and the fabulous workshops I've attended and plan to attend have contributed greatly.

The strengths I believe I bring to belly dancing, so far, are 
  • a desire to learn new techniques and props, 
  • exploring what I can do with those techniques and inventing new moves, 
  • a love of the audience, 
  • energy in form, and 
  • the capability to improvise.

I need to start doing the following:

  • Work through my existing belly dance videos, focusing on technique and form,
  • Find and study belly dance videos of artists I would love to emulate,
  • Carve out improvisational time to randomly selected music,
  • Three times weekly instruction: 2 troupes and one technique, and 
  • Find some flexibility training and add it and meditation to my private practice. 
The virus better give up soon, because starting tonight I am making Thursdays BD DVD night. I have had a video for a year and a half titled Rough Guide to Belly Dance (2nd Edition). She has some flexibility as well as technique on the video. Well, tonight, Mama's going to get busy and start dedicating an hour every Thursday to this DVD until I complete it. I will be flushing out the rest of my schedule on a day by day basis, but for now, it's going to be:

  • Monday: Intermediate/Advanced technique class with Michelle Sorenson
  • Tuesday: Azalea performance troupe with Mayada.
  • Wednesday: Fusion choreography troupe with Amina
  • Thursday: BD DVD night, starting with Rough Guide to Belly Dance (2nd Edition).

Tomorrow, I'll probably start hunting down the first belly dance performance on line that I would love to emulate.

Hugs and Blessings,

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