Friday, April 29, 2011

Private Lesson

I will be staying at the Chon Inter Hotel in Chonburi. They have Wi-Fi in the lobby and the rooms. It's probably not quite the dive you were expecting ;)

A friend had a great idea to keep a journal. I'll make sure to pick a blank one up on Sunday after church.

I just finished my fundamentals of belly dancing course on Tuesday and found someone to take me under her wing to see to it that I get continuing classes. She is trying to encourage my last instructor to take me one-on-one, but if my last instructor doesn't, Kitty--who says she feels a mother/daughter bond with me--will give me the lessons herself. In fact, I had a private lesson with her on Wednesday, and am looking forward to her next class next week before I leave. Everyone is encouraging me to also sign up for the basic performing class at Thia's school. I spoke with Thia over the phone, and she is anxious to get me started when I heal.

Kitty had an intersex friend who took her own life a few years back. I know, because I saw that she had friended a trans-advocacy organization and I was curious. Her friend, Candy, apparently was a belly dancer and a very good stripper. Apparently, Candy left behind quite a supportive wake, as this is the third time I have heard of her in the last few weeks. I felt comfortable at that point coming out to Kitty about my own intersex conditions; and she responded by telling me, "I wondered." One of the things people notice about me when they find out is that it explains my barely noticeable Adam's apple.

Saturday, I'm going to an annual belly-dancer fundraiser for birds, named, appropriately enough, Bellies for Birdies. Sunday, I'm having my send-off, and Sophia Featherwind, the belly dancer, will have action shots taken for TransAction calendar. Obviously, I'm not using my real last name, and my eyes will be heavily made up.

And then the rest of the events preparing for my trip. I cant' believe that in just over a week it will be over and I'll have a new rebirthday, May 11, 2011.

Isn't it appropriate that it's falling on the heals of Easter, symbolic of resurrection and new beginnings, and May Day, the celebration of the joining of male and female?

Hugs and God Bless,

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