Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worlds Apart

We all travel this universe,
Content to our own worlds,
Wondering why
We never meet
Someone new
Someone who
Will rock our world apart.

How can we meet
Someone who've
We've never met
When we stay within
Our own bubbles?

The answer lies
Where worlds collide
Crossing the cosmic gap.

Love does not wait to be found
It is a pulsating energy
Invading the worlds that surround.
A bold adventuress
Making her presence known
Lighting up a room
Leaving behind a dance
To the rhythms of the
Strange, exotic place.

Ecstasy is born
Where the exotic meet
And overlap
Pulsing and feeding one to the other.

If you have not yet found love
In your own world
Seek another
Or make it larger.

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